oUR Businesses

Bohai Drilling Service Venezuela S,A businesses are composed by oil and gas exploration, development and production.

Petroleum Equipments

This area includes manufacturing and supply of oil and gas exploration equipments, General Managerdrilling and production equipments, storage and transportation equipments, and oil field chemicals.

Social Responsibility

attaches great importance to the safety and health of their workers under the premise of "Safety First" Our Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) department is constantly training and informing all staff in orden to create awareness about protection of themselves as well as the protection and care of the environment.

Promote circular economy based on ecological protection, clean production and "green consumerism" is of great importance to our company at a time when our planet is suffering damages for a long time about the lack of consciousness of human beings.


IEngaged 10 years in overseas drilling, after long-term exploration and research, constantly absorbing the international forefront of drilling technology and innovation to create a series of advanced technical features, such as ultra-deep well, horizontal wells, underbalanced, salt Layer wells reach wells, wells, lateral drilling, slim hole drilling technology, and composite drilling, high pressure jet drilling, etc. of deviation for quick drilling directly integrated supporting technologies and improve competitiveness in international markets. Venezuela emulsified oil horizontal well drilling technology 

Emulsified oil fields of Venezuela in 2006 the construction of horizontal wells, to capture the horizontal section is too long, easy to collapse easily collapse formation problem, quality and efficient completion of the 23 levels of construction tasks, including drilling cycle minimum 3 days, create a new technical indicators.